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Montgomery Board approves street resurfacing : News : Oswego Ledger-Sentinel : Hometown Newspaper for Oswego and Montgomery, Illinois
Montgomery Board approves street resurfacing
Two streets, three courts in Seasons Ridge to receive new asphalt

by John Etheredge


The Village of Montgomery will spend approximately $750,000 this summer to resurface streets in the village's Seasons Ridge Subdivision as a result of action taken Monday evening by the village board.

In a 5-0 ballot the board approved the resurfacing of the following streets in the subdivision: Seasons Ridge Boulevard between Briarcliff Road and Douglas Road; Winter Hill Circle; and Edgewater, High Point and Winter Hill Courts.

Mike Pubentz, the village's director of public works, recommended the streets and courts for resurfacing based on their condition and information contained in the village's five-year street rehabilitation plan.

In addition to the resurfacing of the streets, Pubentz said a village-wide street patching program will be completed to repair some of the damage caused to local streets by the severe weather last winter.

Funds for the resurfacing and patching will come from the village's MFT (Motor Fuel Tax) fund. The village has annually used the state-reimbursed MFT revenues to pay for its street maintenance program.

Prior to balloting, board member Pete Heinz questioned why Briarcliff Road in Seasons Ridge is not also scheduled for resurfacing this year.

"Briarcliff Road from Seasons Ridge (Boulevard) down to Douglas Road is in pretty bad shape," Heinz said, adding, "There is more traffic that comes down Briarcliff Road to Seasons Ridge Boulevard than you can shake a stick at in the morning and at night, after work time. That road is packed."

Pubentz agreed that traffic has been extra heavy on Briarcliff Road due in part to continuing construction on nearby U.S. Route 30.

He continued, "It is in bad shape. I've checked that and there are a number of other streets that are in bad shape, too. What we've tried to do is put together the biggest (street) program we can do this year and Seasons Ridge (Boulevard) seemed to be the priority street. We'd love to do more streets, but we are out of money. That's about as clearly as I can put it. We have no other MFT money available."

When questioned further, Pubentz said each year when the village completes its street maintenance program the streets with the poorest condition ratings in the five-year street rehabilitation plan are not automatically chosen to be resurfaced.

"We try to do a mixture of streets to keep our average street rating index at a certain level. We also gain some benefits in bidding and constructing by trying to keep streets in the same area," Pubentz explained, adding, "Part of the reason for doing the courts (in Seasons Ridge this summer) is they are right there on Winter Hill Circle rather than have the contractors pave Winter Hill Circle and then go to the far west end of town and do a court or to the north or east, which would add (contractor) mobilization costs to our program."

Referring to the Seasons Ridge courts, he added, "It's a combination of condition and efficiency in putting those on this program."

Heinz said he believes Seasons Ridge Boulevard needs to be rebuilt.

"There has to be a better base under that street," he said.

However, Pubentz said the street is targeted for a "heavy overlay of asphalt, but it will not be a complete reconstruction."

He noted project plans include some curb work on the medians "to raise them up and try to improve the cross-slope which will get the water flowing to the gutters better which helps, in the long run, with pavement condition," Pubentz said.

Board member Steve Jungermann said he agreed with Heinz that Briarcliff Road should be resurfaced as soon as possible.

Pubentz noted the village will require additional revenues if Briarcliff Road is to be resurfaced. He noted the cost alone for resurfacing Seasons Ridge Boulevard has been estimated at about $400,000 and "it's not nearly as long as Briarcliff (Road)."

"If the question is will we have enough revenue next year to do Briarcliff Road from end-to-end, I would say no, we will not," he said.

Pubentz added this year marks the fifth and final year of the village's current five-year street rehabilitation plan. In the coming months he said a new plan will be prepared and presented to the board. The program, he said, will include "funding and cost scenarios" for streets proposed for resurfacing over the next five years.

Board member Theresa Sperling was absent from Monday's meeting.

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