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County approves waste transfer station pact talks : News : Oswego Ledger-Sentinel : Hometown Newspaper for Oswego and Montgomery, Illinois
County approves waste transfer station pact talks
by Matt Schury


The Kendall County Board would like to know what's in it for the county should a waste transfer station come to the City of Plano.

The board unanimously voted last week to enter into negotiations for a host community benefit agreement with Plano Transfer LLC, the company proposing to put a waste transfer station in the city.

"This is in anticipation of an expected application for a transfer station in Plano," board member Judy Gilmour said.

A waste transfer station takes in garbage from collection trucks, sorts it and distributes it to landfills and other waste retention sites.

In the board's packet was a sample of a previous agreement the county had implemented so board members could understand this type of pact. Most of the 10 board members were not on the board when a landfill company tried but failed to site a landfill in unincorporated Kendall County several years ago.

State's Attorney Eric Weis, who asked to have the item placed on the agenda, explained why the county might want to seek this agreement and what they could get from Plano Transfer LLC.

He said the board could request a monetary amount be paid to the county based on the amount of garbage being processed. The county could also ask for specific items like having the company pay to add a turn lane on a county road near the property.

"The number one concern, usually, a county will have about a transfer station that's located in a municipality is traffic," Weis said.

In his experience, Weis told the board, companies siting a waste facility usually want to reach an agreement with as many entities as they can before they file the application, but they are under no obligation to do so.

"There is no requirement under any law that they have to enter into a host agreement with the county, township, fire protection district or any other governmental body because they are in the City of Plano," he said.

He stressed that the county would not be the siting authority for that transfer station since it is within the incorporated limits of Plano. Waste transfer station owners usually enter into a host agreement, according to Weis, with at least the siting authority and address most of the concerns there prior to filing an application for the facility.

He said other governmental entities could enter into host agreements as well even if they are not the siting authority. In the case of this property it is close enough to unincorporated areas that it could likely impact county highways.

He said the board can also choose to participate turning the hearing process if they like as a board or as individuals, similar to when a landfill was being proposed in the City of Yorkville.

"These are a lot less intensive then the landfill hearing because obviously you're not doing as much to the ground, you're not impacting on such a grand scheme as the landfills are," Weis said.

Board Chairman John Shaw pointed out the facility is being proposed on a portion of an industrial park on the west side of Eldamain Road, south of Corneils Road, near the Fox Valley YMCA and Menards Distribution Center.

Shaw said the company inquired about access they wanted onto Eldamain Road.

They have an option to go north into Corneils Road, which borders their land on the north.

"There's a little leverage there if you think that there will be a lot of trucks going into a transfer station off of Eldamain Road," he said.

Shaw mentioned that it has been hard to get information about this facility

"This is kind of like Area 51 or something. It's something that they just don't want to talk about," he said.

The process of adding any sort of waste facility is more involved than a normal business, Shaw noted.

"It's not like shooting fish in a barrel here it's, rather, trying to catch fish down there on the Illinois River," he said.

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