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Resurfacing to start in Oswego subdivisions : News : Oswego Ledger-Sentinel : Hometown Newspaper for Oswego and Montgomery, Illinois
Resurfacing to start in Oswego subdivisions
Sewer project nearing completion in Cedar Glen, Windcrest

by John Etheredge


If weather conditions permit, streets in Oswego's Cedar Glen and Windcrest subdivisions will be resurfaced over the next several weeks.

The two subdivisions located east of Ill. Route 25 have been a construction zone for the past year as contractors for the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District installed sanitary sewer lines in the public right-of-way adjoining the streets.

Jeff Humm, engineering supervisor for Fox Metro, said project contractors, Len Cox & Sons Excavating of Joliet, are currently scheduled to begin resurfacing the streets in the two subdivisions next Monday, Oct. 8.

"We are going to have the contractors do an inch and one-half asphalt overlay of the streets in the entire project area," he said.

Humm said the deadline for the contractor to complete the resurfacing is Friday, Oct. 26.

In the meantime, Humm said contractors are now continuing landscape restoration work in the right-of-way area that adjoins the streets.

Referring to contractors, Humm said, "They have installed a lot of sod. This week they are going to try to seed some areas that were sodded last spring where the sod died due to our hot and dry summer. We're going to try to get those areas to come back this fall."

He said contractors installed the last section of new sanitary sewer pipe in August.

Humm acknowledged it has taken contractors about six weeks longer to complete the project than initially planned.

"We were hoping to be done by the end of August," he confirmed.

Humm attributed the delay to the contractors taking longer than expected to install the sewer lines.

"We thought they would be done with the sewer lines by the end of June and they took until mid-August before they completed the installation of the pipe," he said. "Then, of course, per village ordinance, we couldn't do any landscape restoration until after Sept. 1 because there was a sod ban on for July and August."

Another factor in the delay, Humm said was NICOR, which completed a natural gas line project last week along Glendale Drive at the Route 25 entrance to Cedar Glen.

"They finished that finally Wednesday, Sept. 26," Humm said, adding, "They were using some of the parkway on Ashlawn for the staging of the work they were doing on Glendale and they had the road closed. That delayed us in getting our top soil and sod installed in that area."

Humm said he is certain homeowners in the two subdivisions are anxious to have their street resurfaced and the project completed.

"With the dry, hot summer there was a lot of dust and we tried to control it with watering," Humm said, adding, "I think the people were more than patient as construction continued and it was much appreciated, but it's time to finish the project and move on. That's what we're planning on doing."

Fox Metro hired Len Cox & Sons to complete the project at a total cost of $1,892,867 last year.

The agency is financing the project through a low interest loan obtained from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Many homes now
connected to sewer line

The agency undertook the project to make sanitary sewer service available to approximately 190 homes in the two subdivisions that have been served by private septic systems.

If their septic systems are functioning properly, Humm said homeowners are not required to hook up to the new sanitary sewer lines. However, he said, homeowners will be required to connect to the new sewer lines in the future when their septic systems require repair or replacement. The Kendall County Health Department, he said, does not issue permits for repairs or replacement of septic systems if a public sanitary sewer system is available.

Many Cedar Glen and Windcrest homeowners have chosen to disconnect their septic systems and connect to the new sanitary sewer lines.

As of last Friday, 50 homeowners had connected to the new sanitary sewer lines and six more connections are pending, Humm said.

Referring to the homes that are now connected to the sewer lines, Humm said, "They are spread throughout the two subdivisions, but the majority of them are on Cebold Drive and the north end of Ashlawn Avenue."

Humm acknowledged that just a few homeowners had connected to the sewer lines as they were being installed last spring.

"Since about mid-summer there has been a big increase (in connections) and we're pleasantly surprised that so many people have tied in as early as they have," he said.

Humm noted that homeowners can save money if they obtain a connection permit from Fox Metro prior to Dec. 31. The permits, he noted, are also good for a year, which provides residents with some additional time to save money or obtain financing for the work.

In voting last January to annex the two subdivisions into the Fox Metro service area, the agency's governing board agreed not to charge the agency's annexation fee to homeowners who take out permits before the end of the year.

The annexation fee for the owner of a home on a one-half acre lot is $825. A full acre lot is subject to a fee of $1,650.

In addition to the annexation fee, Fox Metro also charges homeowners a connection fee of $1,650 per home. That fee has not been waived by the agency.

"A lot of people have figured they don't want to pay any more than the connection fee, so I think many of them decided to connect now instead of later," Humm said.

In addition, Humm said he has "heard through the grapevine" that the contractors that have been connecting many of the Cedar Glen and Windcrest homes to the sewer line are "offering very good" prices since they are already working in the subdivision.

"They are offering discounts while they (the contractors) are there already," he said.

Humm noted that about six different contractors have been connecting homes to the sewer lines in the two subdivisions, but noted that two of the six firms "have been getting most of the work."

Humm said most of homeowners who have connected to the sewer lines so far have indicated they have older septic systems "have had had issues over the years."

"I can't think of anyone who has come in for a permit who has said they have a newer septic system, but some have come in and said they want to connect (to the sewer lines) for the peace of mind," he said, adding, "They want to know they are tied into our system and they don't have to worry about their septic system any more or having to have it pumped out on a regular basis."

Humm said he believes a fair number of people who have obtained permits have done so "because they believe that environmentally it is the right thing to do."

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